6:00pm 27/12/2022
A Chinese primary school in NS slapped with RM40,000 in quit rent

LUKUT: A Chinese primary school in Negeri Sembilan, SJK (C) Bandar Springhill, is slapped with RM40,000 of backdated quit rent of six years.

Zhang Cheng Li, chairman of the school board, said the school received a letter from Port Dickson land office on accumulated quit rent since 2016.

In fact, Zhang said former Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan had announced that 82 Chinese primary schools, 61 Tamil primary schools, two Chinese independent schools and missionary schools were only required to pay a token sum of RM1 in 2010.

Zhang said the school did not pay the RM1 of quit rent from 2019 onward due to a change of headmasters and Covid-19 pandemic.

He said the school did not owe quit rent prior to 2019.

Hence, the move by land office to ask for an accumulated arrears of six years for more than RM40,000 was unreasonable.

Zhang said since the announcement made by Mohamad Hasan, the school had been paying RM1 in quit rent.

However, the letter of asking for more than RM40,000 in arrears was based on the calculation made before Mohamad Hasan’s announcement.

Zhang said the school had since contacted the land office and was informed by the officers that the school needed to apply from Negeri Sembilan state executive councilor for an exemption.

Three members of trustee and the school board are required to make the application.

“All semi-aided schools are entitled to RM1 in quit rent. Why can’t the state government apply a simplified procedure instead?” Zhang asked.


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