4:20pm 28/06/2022
Beyond Live at Jonker Walk, 29 years after lead singer’s death

MELAKA: About 150 musicians paid tribute to Koma Wong Ka Kui, lead singer of Hong Kong rock band Beyond who died 29 years ago, by performing the band’s famous songs at the open stage at Jonker Walk.

The Beyond Live show attracted more than 500 people around the stage area to sing along.

Many turned up early to get a good spot at the stage area although the live performance was scheduled to start only at 8 pm.

Some of the fans drove from Penang and Johor to watch Beyond Life at Jonker Walk. No entrance fee was charged.

The event was organized by Melaka Creative Arts and Culture Association and supported by the Jonker Walk Committee.

The Finale from Segamat started the performance with Beyond’s songs – Paradise, The Great Wall, Arrogance, etc.

The 150 musicians later performed Beyond’s iconic songs – Glorious Years, I Really Love You, Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies and No More Hesitation, bringing the live show to a climax.

Without concert light sticks, many fans switched on the torch lights on their smart phones and waved their phones while singing along with the performers.

Shouts of encores were heard at the first live performance at Jonker Walk in two years.

Wong died in an accident on the set of a Japanese game show at Fuji Television in Tokyo on June 30, 1993. He was 31.


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