12:42pm 10/07/2023
Where are the Malay professors and Malay elites to counter Dr. M, Hadi and Annuar?
By:Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

In this article, I have no other choice but to ask Malaysians to call out the Malay professors in public universities and the elite Malays with Tan Sri-ships, Tun-ships and Datuk-ships to counter the toxic narrative of Dr. M, Hadi and Annuar.

We have seen how Hadi, before he was hospitalized again, spewing vitriol of calling non-Malays as binatang tidak bermaruah, non-Malays as corruptible and that non-Malays should only be subservient and “second rate” leaders in a Melayu-Islam Malaysia.

Then, Dr. M woke up from his slumber to become famous again by incredulously declaring Malaysia as not a multicultural nation but a “Malayness” Malaysia starting with the Constitution.

The new PAS member and Umno reject, Annuar Musa, clad in his green shirt and Umno songkok, raised the specter of May 13 by linking Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang’s name.

If Malaysia was a Netflix series, these three personalities would win Oscars hands down, and the Malaysia Docudrama will go a full 50 seasons with no finale in sight.

Malaysians must know how to strategically fight these narratives.

Firstly, opposition politicians should not answer these three “actors.”

I say “actors” because I have seen these three act in many different roles depending on where the money points to and which political group could win the day.

If politicians like Anwar and best of all the DAP answer these three Malays, then the three would score big in political points. That’s what they want.

Next, if non-Malay citizens like the president of the Malaysian Bar Council or Bersih president answer these three persons, that too will be bonus points.

So, the way to fight these tiga sekawan is to not let these group answer them.

Who then should answer? Well, let us all in unison call out the public university professors who are paid by the Malaysian people.

There are literally hundreds of professors of social science, religion, history and even a few constitutional experts that can propose a counter narrative to the three Oscar winners mentioned above.

The question is… why their silence? Is it because they are tied to the Universities and Colleges Act? This should not be so since Anwar is in government and the AUKU is set to be axed or revised.

Is it because professors think that their “stature” as professors is so high that it will be beneath them to produce YouTube explanations or even write in columns of mainstream media?

Or is it because most of the professors believe in the Melayu supremacy narrative as shown by the Kongres Maruah Melayu?

I think so. I think most of these professors are waiting for Anwar and the Unity Government to fall and then they will be rewarded handsomely with appointments and perks by the new PN government.

For what? For just keeping silent-lah.

Now, there is a group of G70 Profesor Melayu who claim to back Anwar Ibrahim and are not part of the tiga sekawan politicians. But why are they silent? Itu saya tak tahu. Malaysians should go ask them yourselves.

The media should call out these Anwar supporters and ask why they are silent.

Next, I have not heard the G25 Melayu elites say anything.

This group too seems to be waiting on the sideline.

I have my good friend Dr. KN Singh, a medical doctor in Johor who is now churning out videos after videos to counter the hate narrative.

Why are these Melayu elite not doing the same?

Furthermore, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of Tan Sris, Tuns and Datuk Seris who are Melayu and keeping silent. Do they too believe in the Malay narrative of Malaysia and are waiting for a PN Malayu-sia Dar-al-Islam?

Finally, we have our brethren in Sabah and Sarawak who can question the narratives of the three politicians.

I do not know if there were any unfortunate Sabahans or Sarawakians who were innocently killed during the May 13 riot.

If there were, then the Sabahans and Sarawakians can contribute to saving the Malaysia we began with.

If not, the Hadi and Dr. M narratives are enough to see whether there is a Malaysia with Sabah and Sarawak in it in the future.

If Peninsular Malaysia becomes Talibanized, who would blame if Sabah and Sarawak decide to be on their own or join other neighboring nations?

Perhaps many Malaysians would move to the two nations themselves and let the dream of Malay supremacists to re-own Tanah Melayu be realized with an “Islamic” sword, a Malay keris and the crescent as its coat of arms and flag.

Is this a realistic scenario? I believe so. Call me an alarmist but I live among the Malays of many socioeconomic classes and education backgrounds.

I also scan the Malay media and Malay social media influencers every day.

As things go, even if Anwar’s Unity Government survives the state elections, as long as the likes of the tiga sekawan exist, and as long as professors paid by the people remain silent, and as long as the Malay elites pun duduk diam seribu bahasa, the final days of Malaysia have begun.

(Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor of Architecture at a local university and his writing reflects his own personal opinion entirely.)


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