11:42am 11/04/2022
African swine fever outbreak in NS, Perak
Bakri Sawir: illegal pig farms found to have been infected with AFS have been sealed off.

SEREMBAN: Pigs in Negeri Sembilan and Perak have been detected to have been infected with African swine fever (AFS) following the outbreak in Paya Mengkuang, Melaka last December.

A total of 275 pigs will be culled by the authorities to curb the spread after two pigs have been detected with AFS in an illegal farm in Kampung Baru Site A, Tanah Merah, Lukut, Port Dickson.

Negeri Sembilan state executive councillor Datuk Bakri Sawir, who is the state committee chairman for agriculture and agro-based industry, said the illegal farm had been sealed, with officers stationed at the farm round the clock to ensure the pigs would not be transported.

The Negeri Sembilan veterinary services department would be checking pig farms within 5km radius of the area, he said.

The state veterinary department inspected the pigs after receiving a tip-off on 7 April, he said.

The report released showed the two pigs were infected with AFS and further action was needed to curb the spread.

Asked about the source of infection, Bakri said pig farmers were not cooperative with the authorities.

Based on the lorries frequenting the farms, he said it was believed the source of infection could have come from Perak. It was unconfirmed at this moment.

“To ensure the situation is under control, the authorities started inspection of pigs in the area. AFS does not spread to human,” he said.

Two pigs from an illegal farm at Kampung Baru Site A, Tanah Merah, have been detected with AFS.

Negeri Sembilan Veterinary Services Director Dr Redzuan Ibrahim said the best way to curb the spread of AFS is to cull the pigs.

He urged consumers not to buy pork priced unusually lower than market prices.

Bakri said there are 20 illegal pig farms operating in the state.

An order has been issued to stop movements of pigs.

Bakri hoped the public would come forward to inform the state government on AFS.

“Nipah virus killed more than 100 people in Negeri Sembilan back in 1999. We do not want a repeat of such incident,” he said.

Perak Veterinary Services Director Dr Ahmad Shafri Hassan said some pigs in Batang Padang and Hilir Perak districts in the state were infected with AFS and the farms had been isolated.

Pigs in the two districts have been monitored since April and culling of pigs in the farms is ongoing.

On spreading of AFS from Perak to illegal farms in Port Dickson, Dr Ahmad said the department had yet to receive report from its counterpart in Negeri Sembilan.


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