3:47pm 09/05/2023
The Paper Tiger will fail again
By:Ronnie Liu

There is now a very senior (some call senile) politician who stubbornly refuses to fade away.

This nonagenarian is now struggling to remain relevant, perhaps out of bitterness or fear of being exposed, humiliated and punished.

The prime minister of the day has asked Malaysians to “leave him alone” not too long ago.

So, everyone thought he’s not relevant anymore after his humiliating defeat in his home ground in the last general elections.

He led his party to a real disaster and shocked the whole world.

And he quickly abandoned the party he founded, and we thought he had wanted to call it a day.

But alas! He’s up to no good again!

His latest antic (on race card again, what do you expect?) has actually stirred up some sizable ripples everywhere.

I would not call his proclamation a racist statement but it certainly goes against multiracialism and what is being promoted in the Malaysia Madani concept.

To many, it’s nothing but a ploy by the man going all out to topple his political nemesis.

So, is he still relevant per se?

A saintly person who lived some 2,500 years ago had basically classified human beings into four categories:

1. People who are running from darkness to darkness.

To these people, it’s misery and darkness everywhere. And unfortunately they have little or no wisdom.

They generate anger, ill-will, aversions and conveniently blame it to others whenever they are facing difficulties or problems.

2. People who are running from brightness to darkness.

These people are living in brightness, enjoying money, status, power but they too seriously lack in wisdom.

They become extremely arrogant thanks to their ignorance, not knowing that such arrogance will inevitably lead them into darkness.

3. People who are running from darkness to brightness, and

4. People who are running from brightness to brightness.

This nonagenarian seems to belong to Category Two.

He rose to great prominence in politics quickly. It must have something to do with his good karma in his past lives.

He was so smart, so powerful, so rich and so popular. A class of his own. But he did not use his status and power properly.

In fact, he failed miserably and eventually fell into great disgrace.

He has indeed run from brightness to darkness. But his misery does not end here.

He now seems to run from darkness to darkness!

For a paper tiger is a paper tiger. And I’m afraid he is going to prove me right again.

Out of great fears or bitterness, the poor man now tries with all his remaining might to bring down someone he has feared most in his entire political life.

Yes, he has indeed brought down not one but FIVE prime ministers and several deputy prime ministers in his political life so far.

Some he did single-handedly and for others he did it with the help of fools like me (and maybe you as well).

He certainly believes he can do it again. After all, he’s a Machiavellian and a true master in such political game.

Are we Malaysians going to sit back and do nothing? No. Certainly not.

We are delighted to note that most Malaysians, from the commoners to our custodians in the palaces, are not keeping quiet.

Every sensible Malaysian wants Malaysia to succeed.

Every right-minded Malaysian wants to see political stability prevail and want our economy to turn around.

And Malaysians have suffered too much thanks to the musical chair (three prime ministers in three years) coupled with the madness of the unprecedented epidemic, I.e. Covid-19.

And the current administration is putting the country on the road to recovery. They are doing their best to assist the poor, control inflation, fight corruption and bring on the necessary reforms, step by step.

I have been very vocal about the nonagenarian in the past, but I was doing it out of love and compassion.

It was in his interests and benefits as the numero uno in the country.

I wanted him to put the interests and well-being of the rakyat before self, instead of destroying the fragile coalition government.

At that time, I was actually trying my best to stop his madness.

Too bad. This man has proven me correct.

He went on to cause the collapse of the government for resigning untimely and unnecessarily without consultation with any of his political partners.

And he had to bite the dust and go down in history. And in great shame and disgrace.

When his men “changed the script of his plot” at the very last minute, a new dawn was shattered by the infamous Sheraton Move, and we Malaysians certainly deserve another chance under the concept of Kerajaan Perpaduan (Unity Government) and Malaysia Madani.

Enough said about this recalcitrant old man.

Thank you for your time, my beloved fellow Malaysians.

(Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew is Sungai Pelek state assemblyman and former Selangor state executive councilor.)


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