1:08pm 18/10/2022
How to deal with political hooliganism in GE15
By:Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

I read with disgust about the incident of hooliganism during Syed Saddiq’s ceramah in Johor.

So, this will the tactic of certain political parties hiring Malay hooligans to shout and scream and curse while revving their poor excuses for motorcycles.

These are the stupid RM50 hooligans who do dirty actions with the real culprits stand smiling aside waiting for disruptions at least and rioting at best.

They are the baling batu sembunyi tangan perpetrators.

Unfortunately, this is a Malaysian culture that is not about hooliganism due to the youth having any political ideology but more so a political party with nothing to offer and opportunity to rob the country blind using these youths for their own twisted agenda.

There is, of course, “no proof” that says the hooligans were paid, but come on-lah…this is Malaysia! We all know who might be behind this and so there is no need to mention.

The police do not seem troubled to take care of the rakyat against these hooligans, and so the rakyat must be clever enough to turn this hooliganism against itself and whatsoever black hand that may have paid them.

In this article, I would like to make three recommendations to all political parties organizing outdoor ceramahs to deal with these “politically sponsored hooligans.”

Firstly, political parties MUST hire at least 10 RELA officers to keep the peace and manage traffic.

If the hooligans arrive, these RELA officers can advise the hooligans to desist or they will call the police to arrest them.

If the hooligans put up a physical fight or verbal abuses, make sure to record this event and YouTube it to the public. Let the parents of these hooligans see whose children they are and more importantly the neighbors of the parents of these hooligans can see who the youths are. In this way the force of Malay culture shall take its own course.

If the RELA personnel were harmed, the other brotherhood of RELAs will probably not take this incident sitting down.

Anyway, most RELAs are Malays and it will be a Malay versus Malay incident, especially if MCA or DAP is holding their rallies or ceramahs.

GE15 belongs to all Malaysians and we will not kowtow to political hooliganism in whatever form it comes.

Secondly, political parties should engage their members who are pakciks and makciks of 50-year-old-plus Malays to form a human shield against the hooligans.

Again, if the hooligans shout abusive language or harm any of the elder volunteers, the Malay society will turn against the hooligans and the political party probably responsible.

Let us turn the tide of battle against the enemies of peace and decency by using their own hooligans.

My third suggestion is when the hooligans start shouting abusive language or “penipu, penipu,” ask the loudest hooligans to come to the stage and give him the microphone. Let the crowd part their ways so that the youth with the loudest and angriest voice can be known and let him list all the grievances against the speaker and then let the speaker politely but clearly answer the accusations one by one.

After all, this is a democracy and every voice has the right to be heard!

Malaysians need to send a clear message to political parties which support hooliganism that we have had enough.

However, our way of responding is not through physical violence but social embarrassment and advice.

We Malaysians also hope that the police would place extra patrol cars and squads to monitor these hooligans and take actions by putting them all in a lock-up and throwing their motorcycles in a yard.

If the police can take actions at one or two incidents, that would be enough to eliminate the culture of hooliganism.

However, Malaysians are skeptical that the police would do anything as suggested, and so we have to rely on our own creativity, courage and patience.

We should not let this government find another stupid excuse to call Emergency and rule without an election.

GE15 belongs to all Malaysians and we will not kowtow to political hooliganism in whatever form it comes.

(Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor of Architecture at a local university and his writing reflects his own personal opinion entirely.)


Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi
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