12:38pm 27/06/2022
The world widens after SPM
By:Saifuddin Abdullah

Nur Qashrina, NurT Aida Shazwin, Emir Danish and Adam Danial, along with 100 others (calling their group Angels) received their SPM results announced on June 16.

That evening, facilitated by Amilin, I met them via video conference.
I had met them earlier. They had also helped out with the recent Indera Mahkota Parliamentary Hari Raya Open House.

I congratulated them on their success. On June 19, I met with them to discuss their future plans.

Do they apply to universities? Do they enter form six? Do they work first? Or is there another plan?

My message to them is, do not be let down if the results are less than satisfactory. I believe they have tried their best.

There are many from science stream who might get poor results in most subjects, but excel in subjects of a literary nature, for example, Bahasa Malaysia of history, maybe because they are not suited to follow the science stream.

Experience has shown that many are like this, then achieve excellent results when they enter the literary stream in form six and subsequently continue their studies at the university.

Many have graduated and forged success by working in various sectors or doing business.

In fact, the world opens up wide for us after SPM. We need to be open, evaluate the opportunities that exist, and use them to fully highlight each individual’s potential.

If one wants to continue with learning, learn what is of interest. If there are other plans, please do so. Not because someone else said so, but because of own interests and desires.

Advice, especially from parents, is very important. Listen to them. Respect their advice. But ultimately, we must write our own script for our life’s journey.

We are responsible for our future. Therefore, dive in and write your own recipe for happiness.

There are now new fields and jobs that have previously never been heard of.

New ways of producing goods and services have emerged, with transactions, funding, and technology being more complex, which might not be understood by some from the previous generations.

The road ahead may be long and winding, but we must be confident in what we desire. When successful, even a little, celebrate it. And if distracted or failing, face the facts head on and explore other opportunities.

The supply of life is knowledge and skills. Therefore, read, study, hone your talents and ask experts.

Next, trust it up to God!

“Be good if you cannot be careful,
Be careful if it cannot be good.”

– Nordin Nasir, Principal of Malay College Kuala Kangsar

(Datuk Seri Saifuddin Abdullah is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament for Indera Mahkota.)


Saifuddin Abdullah


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