1:13pm 10/05/2022
PKR elections: Anwar-Rafizi or Anwar Saifuddin?

PETALING JAYA: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) delegates will be electing their new leaders in the party elections to be held from May 13 to 22.

All eyes are on whether PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is going to be paired up with former vice president Rafizi Ramli or secretary-general Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, to lead the party in the 15th general election.

Rafizi and Saifuddin are both vying for the deputy president’s post.

While Rafizi opposes to the “big tent” approach, Saifuddin is its supporter.

Poll results will reflect the grassroots’ decision whether they support the big tent concept – by seeking alliance with other political parties.

PKR has never contested individually in past general elections, having worked with other political parties right from the beginning – Barisan Alternatif, Pakatan Rakyat and now Pakatan Harapan.

Whether PKR can go solo remains questionable.

At present, PKR continues to look for opportunities to work with other parties besides Democratic Action Party and Parti Amanah Negara, to prevent Umno and Barisan Nasional from winning votes with a simple majority.

Based on the arrangements made by PKR’s election committee, Kelantan and Terengganu will vote on May 13, followed by Kedah, Johor and Sabah on May 14.

Pahang and Federal Territory will vote on May 15, while Perlis, Penang, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan on May 16.

PKR members who are overseas can vote on May 17, while May 18 to 20 have been set aside for those in Malaysia opting to cast virtual votes.

PKR members in Selangor will be voting on May 21, while Perak and Sarawak on May 22.

Poll results will be announced at the PKR annual general assembly on June 25.


Anwar Ibrahim
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