12:04pm 21/11/2021
What the BN Melaka win means to Malaysia
By:Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

As I had hoped, the BN coalition has pulled off a resounding and convincing win by garnering a two-thirds majority.

What does this win spell out for GE15 next year possibly?

I would like to deal first with the losers and its impact on this country.

Firstly, kudos to the Melaka people for sending a clear and strong message to the Perikatan Nasional coalition, especially Bersatu and PAS.

For Bersatu, Malaysians are highly unappreciative of Mahiaddin, Azmin and company not only for deserting the PH coalition but also by robbing Malaysians of their fundamental rights in the Emergency Declaration and toying with parliamentary affairs. Don’t play-play with us citizens!

Secondly, to PAS, the party should either rethink their Kedah Menteri Besar choice or just pack up their bags and return to their ‘tempurung’ politics which will destroy the Malays and Muslims in the eyes of the world.

PAS has shown that they have no visions except to interpret old outmoded books without looking at the differences of contexts in time, culture and lifestyle in the age of technology.

PAS is trapped in their narrow narratives that offer no real solutions to the problems that will be faced by our young in the near future.

The other losers are PKR and Amanah.

I have said in another article that I don’t see PKR winning more than 10% of what it has been able to garner in GE14.

Anwar and PKR need to team up with the independents from civil society, with MUDA and with Warisan in order to have any hope at all.

Fewer seats should be given to Amanah as I have said many times that this party has the worst management and depends on others for their survival.

Congratulations to BN for their resounding victory but GE15 may not necessarily be a walk in the park.

BN needs to understand that their win is because of the rakyat’s hatred for PAS and Bersatu as well as their disappointment with the PH.

Furthermore, the low voter turnout that may have been due to the fears of being infected as well as some being disillusioned with Malaysia’s politics may be the cause of their win.

The rakyat have not forgotten Najib’s ‘crimes’ but they fear more for the rise of PAS extremist Islam and Bersatu’s model of governing without any democracy at all as the Emergency was always their weapon of choice.

I would not be too comfortable if I were in the BN because in GE15, UNDI18 will come into play and that may bring down the BN if it still thinks like its heyday of the ‘open check book’ policy in the past.

So drink your teh tarik but don’t do such nonsense as appointing people with ministers’ salaries but have nothing to contribute. Kita rakyat bukan bodoh!

Finally, a huge round of applause for the matured citizens of Melaka in their gajah sama gajah berjuang with the pelanduk tersenyum di tengah-tengah.

The rakyat must not declare allegiance to any party but are willing to vote for a stable government that will deliver the people’s needs and be rid off bigots and religious fanatics like the ones in Kedah.

As a Malaysian, I feel a surge of hope that such a matured citizenry will send a strong message to all political parties that we will never let our Constitution and Rukunegara be sold for a few ringgit.

Our country is our responsibility alone and we will have no one to blame in a democracy if we choose the wrong representatives.

BN is given a second life to ensure the sanctity of both our Constitution and Rukunegara.

Don’t play-play with our hopes and future! The rakyat have kicked BN out once and will have no issue doing it again when push comes to shove.

(Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor of Architecture at a local university and his writing reflects his own personal opinion entirely.)


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