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Time to look forward as the dust settles on GE15
By:Sin Chew Daily

Whether we like it or not, the dust has settled on the 15th general election. It is now time to put aside all our disputes and move forward.

Now that the curtain has fallen on the 15th general election and the we finally have a new prime minister, by right all the political noises should stop so that the new government can take the country forward.

Unfortunately the heated political struggle has not come to a rest following the installation of the unity government. In fact, it seems to be picking up in intensity, with all sorts of allegations and challenges popping up every now and then.

Should we continue to be plagued by the endless political turmoil and power struggle such that we once again miss this unique opportunity to grow our economy?

It is time to bring an end to all the political hubbub and put all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion together to work hand in hand for a more glorious tomorrow.

The Conference of Rulers has said recently that they do not wish to see any more political leaders fanning public sentiments with sensitive racial and religious issues.

The advice of the highnesses has been widely welcomed among Malaysians as well as NGOs in the likes of the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (ABIM) and the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM).

It is hoped that political leaders will seriously take heed of this advice and not to play up racial and religious issues for immediate political gains as this will ruin the long-standing harmonious relationship among Malaysians of different ethnicities.

While such unfitting behaviors might bring the relevant parties or their leaders short-term gains, they will eventually divide our otherwise harmonious Malaysian society and hurt the nation’s long-term interests.

Malaysia is a multicultural society where citizens from different ethnic backgrounds have been working hard together to take the country this far. Thanks to the concerted efforts of Malaysians of all races, we have experienced enviable economic prosperity and have overcome many challenges that stand our way.

In the years to come, we will continue to sweat and thrive together under the fluttering Jalur Gemilang. We will need to reinforce our inter-community ties and promote further mutual understanding. The least that we want is rogue politicos who are all the more ready to fan public sentiments and divide the nation.

Sadly, relationship among the communities in this country has been pulled further apart these past few years as a consequence of the irresponsible acts of the politicians. But fortunately, there has been a substantial crowd of people who have breached the inter-community barriers and built bridges ask they contribute positively towards greater national unity.

All we need is for more people to stand up and do something concrete to promote stronger unity among the people.

Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan His Royal Highness Tuanku Muhriz has expressed his wish for a new government that will enhance solidarity among Malaysians of different religious beliefs, races and cultures.

Indeed, the new unity government will need to proactively promote national unity and bring down the walls to create a harmonious Malaysian society. Such an aspiration warrants not just the effort of the new government but also all other parties, including the opposition and the general public.

A new chapter has unfolded in the country post-GE15 as the nation experienced its first ever hung parliament since independence, a phenomenon that has subsequently given rise to a unity government led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The fragmentation of Malaysian politics also signal that the “one-party” system that has dominated the country’s political history for six decades is officially history. The Malaysian political landscape is ushering in a new form of competition which should be established upon the basis of rational governance and constructive collaboration.

This marks a new beginning, the starting point from where new politics will set off. All contesting political parties must humbly accept the results of the election as well as the political reality that Anwar Ibrahim is now our prime minister.

Opposition parties, in particular PAS, must stop raising troubles. As Oh Tong Keong , the deputy president of Gerakan Rakyat, PAS’ ally in Perikatan Nasional, has said, he Islamist party must accept the election outcome. He has urged PAS leaders, including its president Hadi Awang, to stop creating unnecessary tension in the Malaysian society so that all conflicts could come to a close and reconciliation could take place.

Whether we like it or not, the dust has settled on the 15th general election. It is now time to put aside all our disputes and move forward. The elected reps must start their work and serve the people while the new government must focus on addressing our economic problems and relieve the financial burden of average Malaysians.

The global economic outlook will remain bleak next year, and with so many challenges lying before us, we cannot afford to keep wasting time wallowing in the political mud pool.

Enough is enough! Stop manipulating public sentiments with racial and religious issues. The country needs to move ahead and we all need to live together in harmony.

We are endowed with bountiful natural resources and we have what it takes to be successful. We don’t want to held back by politics any more.


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