7:39am 01/12/2023
Parking agents sought to assist senior citizens
Hulu Selangor Municipal Councillor Law Suet Peng. SIN CHEW DAILY

HULU SELANGOR: The Hulu Selangor Municipal Council is recruiting parking agents to assist senior citizens as the council starts imposing parking fee from 1 Dec.

Councillor Law Suet Peng said the council decided to recruit agents to handle parking fees as many are not familiar with the parking app.

Agents will be paying parking fees for those unfamiliar with smart parking app as a business service, a win-win for both agents and consumers.

Law said the council would pay the parking agents, and the additional cost would not be transferred to car owners.

Those keen to become parking agents can apply from the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council (03-6064 1331) or click e-Coupon Agent Application under the additional services icon in Smart Selangor Parking App.

“Shops along the main street of Kuala Kubu Bharu are eligible to become parking agents and pay the parking fees for their customers while the customers will pay the shops,” she said.

The service is convenient and user-friendly for senior citizens who do not know how to use the mobile parking app.

The council does not set a limit on the number of parking agents at this moment, she added.

Parking charges started in commercial districts in Bukit Sentosa and Bukit Beruntung under the jurisdiction of the council from 1 December, and will be extended to Kuala Kubu Bharu and Batang Kali from 1 January.

A Hulu Selangor Municipal Council worker painting the parking lots. SIN CHEW DAILY


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