5:45pm 13/09/2023
20-year-old stateless Malaysia-born man finds it hard to earn a living
Hooi at the press conference with Balakong assemblyman Ong Chun Wei. Unable to get a job, he has been baking to make a living for the past three years.

PUCHONG: Kenny Hooi Mun Kit is a young man without a Mykad although he was born in Malaysia.

His Malaysian father, and mother from China, only registered their marriage 15 years after he was born, and the 20-year-old young man is now left without a Mykad.

He also does not have a bank account, driving license and is thus unable to find a job, even a part-time job.

Unable to get employed, Hooi has been baking cookies and mooncakes at home to sell since three years ago, a skill he picked up at the age of 13 after completing his primary school studies at a private school.

Hooi’s patrons either pay him cash or online transfer to his father’s account.

Without a driving license, Hooi’s father helps him deliver his cookies or he relies on delivery services.

He started applying for citizenship in 2018 with a DNA test result, but the application is still pending at this moment.

At a press conference held by Balakong state assemblyman Wayne Ong Chun Wei, Hooi said his wish was to be given a Mykad.

Ong said Hooi’s family sought help from Kinrara state assemblyman Ng Sze Han last year to check the status of his application.

The application is pending at the moment, said Ong.




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