3:41pm 09/06/2023
Young Umno ‘should’ consider apologizing to all Malaysians
By:Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

Truth be told, I am still seething from the statement of the Umno Youth leadership in having the gall to ask DAP to apologize to Umno.

In this article, I wish to ask the Umno Youth leadership who started this apology issue to consider to first apologize to all Malaysians and Anwar Ibrahim on three important events that have occurred in the last four decades of Umno’s rule in Malaysia.

The leadership of Umno Youth, I recommend, must taste their own medicine before asking others to swallow it.

In this article, I will elaborate the three things that Umno Youth should consider apologizing and the true position and role of “apology” in the Islamic tradition.

First and foremost, I ask on behalf of all Malaysians that the Umno Youth leadership publicly apologize to Anwar Ibrahim and all Malaysians who had to undergo the hard 25 years of the Reformasi movement.

The Youth of Umno may take the responsibility of what their predecessors have done to destroy not only the integrity and dignity of one man, but also drag the whole institution of judiciary, the police, the universities, the religious institutions and the whole machinery of governance to cause Anwar Ibrahim to be innocently imprisoned, not once but twice.

Here you can say Melayu mudah lupa but many Malays, Malaysians and I…tak akan lupa! So, jangan kurang ajar suruh orang minta maaf… tolong cermin diri kamu sendiri dahulu!

Anwar Ibrahim may be a kind Muslim in forgiving people who have wronged him, but many Muslims and I are not so forgiving.

We Muslims will bear witness on Umno and the leadership on the atrocities committed against one individual of whom by the grace and power of Allah The Most High, has put in the most powerful office in the country.

But did Anwar take retribution against Umno? No, he has not.

When the Prophet entered Makkah at the head of 10,000 strong, he did not wreak vengeance on all who had wronged his person severely. He forgave them all. He forgave Abu Sufian who tried to murder him. He forgave Wahsi who assassinated his uncle Hamzah, and he forgave the people of Tayef for pelting stones on his body till he bled into his sandals.

Umno Youth, consider your own religion about the wrong that your party has wreaked on one person and many Malaysians before you shout about having others ask for apology.

In Islam, to forgive is the most important value of the highest spirituality. However, if a Muslim does not forgive others who have wronged him, then those people must seek the person’s forgiveness or else answer to Allah in the Day of Judgment.

So, Umno Youth, consider your own religion about the wrong that your party has wreaked on one person and many Malaysians before you shout about having others ask for apology. Malulah sikit brader….

Secondly, Umno Youth should consider apologizing to Malaysians about the trillions of ringgit of corruption that involved such major economic issues as 1MDB, such security issues as the LCS battleship and religious issues such as Tabung Haji scandals.

These corruption has caused untold sufferings to all Malaysians who needed the money for their children’s education and to put food on the table.

I would not like to be an Umno leader or even an Umno member on the Day of Judgment when Allah asks why you have let your leaders squander the money meant for all the poor in Malaysia?

How will you fare, oh Umno Youth, when Allah Himself places all the files in front of you?

So, I recommend that you seek forgiveness from all Malaysians before you die and have no chance to redeem yourself before the Court of Allah.

Thirdly, the Umno Youth leadership should consider apologizing to all non-Malays in this country for all the derogatory remarks about them being “pendatang,” “penumpang” and being “ungrateful.”

Again in Islam, the rule is that if you sin against another person like calling them names and accusing others of impropriety out of malice, then the accounts must be settled in this world and with those who have been the victims.

If you allow Tajuddin Abdul Rahman to make fun of Teresa Kok’s name, then you and him must apologize to her in this world for an apology in the Hereafter no longer becomes valid.

Why must you apologize when it was Tajuddin Abdul Rahman who did that? You laughed together with the others. Furthermore, making fun of a Chinese name is also making fun of the whole Chinese and non-Malay population. That is how great the sins of Umno are in the past.

We Malaysians are ready to forgive and forget and move on. Unlike you, Umno Youth, we Malaysians have a bigger agenda for this country and our children.

Umno Youth seems to be interested only in propagating themselves to be leaders by the old method of making others the enemy or bogeyman. Itu trick lama brader!

But, if you insist on being “kurang ajar” to Malaysians, then we will make sure you and your party will not see any single vote in GE16.

So, next time please be a bit humble and don’t shoot off your mouth before you think carefully…lest you find your feet in it.

We want a new Malaysia and a new Umno.

You, Umno Youth, may not have a place in it!

(Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor of Architecture at a local university and his writing reflects his own personal opinion entirely.)


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