4:08pm 30/01/2023
Lion dance performance by older women

PENANG: It is rare to find women in a lion dance troupe, more so a team of older women performers!

The residents association of Macallum Street Ghaut here has formed a lion dance troupe made up of older women aged between 40 and 78.

The troupe is believed to be the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Chew Lay Pheng, who is the performer carrying the lion’s head, said although the combined age of the four old women exceeded 200 years, they were serious in doing a good job.

At the Chinese New Year celebration organized by the residents association last Friday, these women presented the lion dance performance which attracted many local residents.

The gong and cymbals are also handled by women.

“We have made some progress after a whole year of practice. We are happy with our performance,” said Chew.

Lim Poh Aun, chairman of the residents association, said the lion dance troupe was formed during the lockdown imposed to curb the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As there were more women members at the association, we decided to form an older women lion dance troupe,” he explained.

The troupe, made up of housewives and working women, practice every week, said Lim.

A woman is being trained to play the drum, he said, adding that the entire team is made up of women except a male drummer.

Lim also said the troupe is currently only performing at events organized by the residents association.

The troupe will need more practice before it can make public performances, he said.

The four women in the lion dance troupe. On far left is Chew Lay Pheng.


Lion dance


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