1:25pm 09/09/2022
PH’s diehard Chinese supporters turn fence-sitters

PETALING JAYA: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has detected the trend of Pakatan Harapan’s Chinese supporters becoming fence-sitters since July, mainly because they are disappointed with PH, says PKR vice chairman Chang Lih Kang.

“Supporters are disappointed probably due to unfulfilled pledges during the 22 months under the PH government.

“We can explain that we do not have sufficient time. Nevertheless, we should take the voters’ sentiment seriously,” he said.

Chang, together with several other PKR leaders, visited Sin Chew Daily‘s headquarters here on Thursday.

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, he said, “We should not take the Chinese support for granted.

“By raising this point, I hope others know that we can no longer secure Chinese support from the strategy used previously, such as making an emotional remark,” said Chang.

Since 2018, voters have been more concerned about political development in the country. As they know more, they have also become more disappointed, said Chang, adding that this is not good development for the long term.

“Fence-sitters can be voting for anyone. It’s our challenge to regain their trust and support.

“This is the feedback we get from data analysis and communicating with the voters. Instead of just talks, we need to have a set of solutions and policies to gain back voters’ support.”

Chang also admitted that PH would need to work harder in securing the support of rural Malays. At the same time, the urban and middle-class Malays are still supporting the coalition.

“Our priority is to approach the voters who are sensitive to economic issues. We can’t be more Malays than Umno or more Islamic than PAS.

“Many young people are unemployed after they graduate. Many families are facing the situation of not earning enough. We need to resolve the problem of urban poor too,” he said.




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