8:21pm 08/06/2023
Parliament: Comedienne’s jokes on MH370 condemned

KUALA LUMPUR: The comedienne from Singapore, Jocelyn Chia, who belittled Malaysia using the tragedy of the loss of Flight MH370 as the brunt of her jokes in a comedy show in New York, United States, recently, was widely condemned in Parliament today.

At today’s Dewan Rakyat sitting, RSN Rayer (PH-Jelutong) asked all Members of Parliament to join together in condemning Chia’s actions which are considered extreme and offensive to Malaysians.

Rayer raised the issue under Rules 36 (9) and (10) of the Standing Orders of the Dewan Rakyat regarding words that raise feelings of hurt and hostility between races.

“Although it did not happen in the Dewan (Parliament) but since the Dewan Rakyat is in session, I hope that the opposition will also support this matter.

“There is a viral video showing comedian Jocelyn Chia belittling our country and making satire and jokes that are heartbreaking and offensive, especially regarding our country and the loss of MH370,” he said.

Rayer said that although Singapore’s High Commissioner to Malaysia, Vanu Gopala Menon had apologized following Chia’s insolent actions, he hoped the issue would not recur.

Yesterday, Chia’s video went viral when she performed a comedy show entitled “Singapore vs Malaysia,” belittling the tragedy of the loss of the plane in addition to making ugly statements about Malaysia which got Malaysians riled up.

Following that, the Singaporean government apologized and insisted that Chia’s statement did not at all reflect the views of the Republic and informed that the woman that she was no longer a citizen.


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