6:12pm 17/08/2022
Value investor Cold Eye denies conducting share investment classes

PETALING JAYA: Cold Eye, a renowned value investor in Malaysia, does not conduct any classes.

The former Nanyang Siang Pau editor-in-chief, whose real name is Fong Siling, urges members of the public not to sign up for investment classes using his name.

In a press conference, Fong, 83, whose pen name is Cold Eye in Chinese, said he had since last year been approached by friends and relatives asking whether he conducted share investment classes on social media which claimed students could make lucrative profits within seven to ten days by buying shares on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.

Fong lodged a police report on June 4 last year after consulting a lawyer.

Since then, he has clarified that he has not conducted four value investment classes through Nanyang Siang Pau.

His son, who is residing in London, recently asked whether he was conducting value investment classes.

Fong Siling, popularly known as Cold Eye, holds a copy of the police report he lodged last year. SIN CHEW DAILY

At the press conference, Fong reiterated that he did not conduct any value investment classes, nor did he authorize anyone to use his name to recruit students.

Fong said he did not have a Facebook account, and hence did not recruit students through the social media platform.

“I do not comment on any platform nor recommend any shares to buy,” he said.

Fong also said he had not bought any foreign shares or invested in foreign markets, including shares from the United States and Hong Kong, as he stressed that one should only invest after conducting an analysis on the fundamentals of the shares.

He said he did not recommend shares as one requires a license to give advice on share purchase.

“I do not have a financial planner’s license and I am not prepared to violate the law.”

Fong published his fifth and last book on share investment last year, and decided to stop writing.

“For those who are keen to know my journey in share investment, the only way is to read my books.

“I do not conduct classes or authorize any third party entity to conduct classes on share investment,” he concluded.


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