12:01pm 02/12/2021
Mother working in Singapore sends home frozen breastmilk with caring messages
Packs of frozen breastmilk with caring messages from Zana. (ANDREW CHEN FACEBOOK)

JOHOR BAHRU, Dec 2 (Sin Chew Daily) — Zana, who is working in Singapore, sends frozen breastmilk back to Johor Bahru every month with caring messages written on the packs of milk to motivate her husband and children.

Unable to commute daily as before due to the pandemic, 37-year-old Zana who works as a healthcare frontliner in Singapore, has since been separated from her husband and children here in Malaysia.

She expresses milk seven times a day. It takes her 20 minutes each time.

Stulang state assemblyman Andrew Chen Kah Eng who helps her sending the breastmilk from Singapore posted on his Facebook that he discovered the messages written by Zana after visiting her husband Azhari.

There are messages on each pack of breastmilk to motivate her husband.

Zana, who has three children aged between one and three, told Sin Chew Daily, “I want to give the best to my kids.”

Zana and her husband Azhari (PHOTO COURTESY: ZANA).

She started breastfeeding her second child last year, but the subsequent virus lockdown has prevented her from commuting daily and she was into her third pregnancy then.

After delivering the baby in May, Zana started her plan to ship the frozen breastmilk to Johor Bahru every month.

Before storing the breastmilk in freezer, she would pen her messages for her husband and children on the pack.

Every time her husband opens a pack of frozen milk, he would see her messages.

As the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme has just started between Singapore and Malaysia, Zana plans to visit her husband and children next February.

Stulang state assemblyman Andrew Chen Kah Eng (L) helps Zana deliver the frozen breastmilk from Singapore to her husband Azhari (R) in JB. (ANDREW CHEN FACEBOOK)



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