5:11pm 12/11/2021
Adly: PH fulfilled 73% election pledges for Melaka in 22 months

MELAKA, Nov 12 (Sin Chew Daily) – Melaka Pakatan Harapan chairman and state Parti Amanah Negara chairman Adly Zahari said he was satisfied with the achievements of Pakatan Harapan during its 22-month rule of Melaka for having fulfilled 62 out of 85 or 73% of its election pledges for the state.

He said during an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily at Melaka Amanah headquarters that such accomplishments could be attributed to his administrative team as well as civil servants in the state.

The former Melaka chief minister said the PH state government had planned to introduce the Melaka Health Card scheme but was toppled before this could be put into implementation.

“The program was passed in the state exco meeting and allocations were made, but then the state government was toppled.”

Another people-friendly project that had to be discontinued half-way was “Rumah Berkat” offering low-income young people affordable homes at monthly rents as low as RM150.

He said if Pakatan Harapan were to win next week’s state election, he would increase the percentage of people-friendly programs to the state budget from 12% now to 17-20%, and further increase to 30% over the next five years.

He also denied allegations that the state Pakatan Harapan government canceled the Melaka Gateway and high speed rail projects.

He said the state government did not approve the extension of the Melaka Gateway developer licence because it would expire only in 2020 and the state government felt that there was still room for  further negotiations before extending the licence.

Instead, he said it was the Perikatan Nasional state government which did not review and extend the developer’s licence after they took over in 2020.

Adly disclosed that the PH state government did propose verbally to the developer for the state government to hold 20-30% of the project’s equity so that foreign investors could see the state government’s supportive attitude in major development projects, adding that the developer in principle accepted the government’s proposal, but before this could be finalized, the state government was overthrown.

Adly also said under PH’s action plan for Melaka, a state level anti-hopping law would be enacted in the state legislative assembly in a bid to ensure political stability.


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