‘Dead’ China woman reunites with son after 11 years in Malaysia
Huang Meiju and her son Peng Jiang reunite in Chongqing after 11 years of separation.

RAWANG, Oct 11 (Sin Chew Daily) — A ‘dead’ Chinese national stranded in Malaysia for 11 years finally reunites with her son in Chongqing, China, on October 4.

Huang Meiju, 50, reunites with her son Peng Jiang after leaving Malaysia on September 9 and completed self-isolation in Xiamen.

Huang was classified as dead by the Chinese government as she had been ‘missing’ for ten years.

Huang sent Rawang state assemblyman Chua Wei Kiat the photo with her son via WeChat to thank the elected representative for assisting her to leave Malaysia.

Huang, from Fujian Province, left China 11 years ago for a 70-year-old Malaysian man, who proposed to her.

When she arrived in Malaysia, Huang was placed at a rented flat in Rawang Perdana to stay alone, where the man sent her food every two to three weeks.

The man stopped visiting her in July and Huang relied on neighbors to provide her food.

Huang was finally kicked out of the flat on August 3 by the owner after owing two years of rent.

Chua received a tip-off to rescue Huang as the latter was trying to end her life.

She was then temporarily sheltered at a place belonging to Kampung Raja Village Development and Security Committee until Chua sorted out her travel documents with the Embassy of China in Kuala Lumpur for her to return to China.

Chua overcame all odds by assisting Huang to settle the fines for overstaying, apply travel documents and others with the Embassy of China and the government of Malaysia in one month.

“Her status in China is dead. The process of applying travel documents and entry permit for her was not easy.

“But seeing Peng Jiang reunites with his mother, all the effort spent to help her is worthwhile,” he said.

The rented flat at Rawang Perdana where Huang Meiju lived by herself for the past 11 years.
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