Man plans to set up mobile food bank after seeing foreign worker eating rice scattered on floor

PETALING JAYA, July 23 (Sin Chew Daily) — A man plans to set up a mobile food bank after witnessing a foreign worker, believed to be a Bangladeshi, eating rice scattered on the floor.

Mohd Ridzuan gave the foreign worker some money to buy rice and hoped to set up a mobile food bank to help foreign workers.

"I was sad. I thought my life was bad enough, but I saw someone worse than me," he said.

Mohd Ridzuan, from Port Dickson, said he was on his way home after work when he saw a foreigner eating rice scattered on the road with his hand.

Mohd Ridzuan then approached the foreign worker to stop him from eating the rice.

Based on the visual uploaded by Mohd Ridzuan on TikTok, the foreign worker received his salary last month and no longer had any income since then.

"I told him to stop eating rice scattered on the ground. His reply was that he had to finish the rice or else God would be angry," said Mohd Ridzuan, who did not ask further.

After returning home to pick up bread and water, Mohd Ridzuan passed them to the foreign worker.

He planned to set up a mobile food bank to help foreign workers in the area.

"Many of them are working in car wash shops and other sectors. These services are not allowed to operate now," he said.

The video has since received more than 74,000 likes.

For those who are willing to donate cash or goods for the mobile food bank, please contact Mohd Ridzuan through TikTok.


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