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Six months of sacrifice: Hong Kong's protesters take stock

Some of them have lost their jobs, suffered life-changing injuries and even fled overseas. But six months into Hong Kong's demonstrations, pro-democracy protesters say they aren't backing down.

In New York, grocery deliveries go high-tech

In New York, a city famous for always being on the go, grocery shopping can be time consuming.

Antarctica tourism: the quest for Earth's vulnerable extremes

The swimsuit-clad tourists leap into the icy water, gasping at the shock, and startling a gaggle of penguins.

Woman wrestlers

Bolivian wrestler Ana Luisa Yujra (R), aka "Jhenifer Two Faces", a member of the Fighting Cholitas, fights with a male wrestler at Sharks of the Ring wrestling club in El Alto, Bolivia.

Christmas Market

The Christmas Market in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany.

In US, plant-based diet easier than ever, even at Thanksgiving

When Elysabeth Alfano hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 next week at her home in Los Angeles, the menu will be traditional -- with a few key changes that were all but impossible just a decade ago.

Riding high on Myanmar's human-powered Ferris wheels

Aung careers towards the ground, hanging from one arm on the basket of one of Myanmar's human-powered Ferris wheels, reliant on gravity-defying agility and split-second coordination honed since the age of nine.

At Instagram hotspot, LOLs trump likes

Crammed into a supermarket trolley, Kiki Malliora squealed with laughter as she rolled past her sister at Cologne's pop-up selfie museum, where visitors said having fun outweighs the hunt for "likes" in a changing social media landscape.

Flower field

A flower field in Pingchang district in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan.


A truck transporting the Christmas tree arrives on the Grand Place square in the historic city centre of Brussels, Belgium.


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