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Autistic boy's beautiful world of painting

With exceptional patience, Eric Lai coached autistic boy Yee Jia Xian step by step to bring out his unique painting style. To the young boy, the painter has been his Ultraman and protector.

Trash heroes to the rescue of Ipoh's environment

“To us, cleaning the rubbish is not hard. What is difficult is to educate the people to care for the environment."

He wants work, not sympathy

Physically challenged Melaka car foreman by the name of Pak Busu does not yearn for your sympathy. He only hopes that you will send in your car for him to repair so that he can make a living with his own skill.

Vegetable farming for autistic children

Although the vegetable farm could only have a modest harvest at this moment, it has nevertheless provided a fertile ground for autistic children to learn about farming and other things.

New lease of life for used tires

Used tires are normally discarded, but a tire dealer in Tuaran, Sabah, has decided to give used tires a new lease of life, turning them into more than 300 magnificent pieces of works of art.

A Malay student with a strong passion for TCM and Chinese culture

Mustika vows to promote the priceless legacy of TCM to all people irrespective of race so that more people will benefit from it.

Sowing the seed of reading through story-telling

Rainforest Picture Book Society has since 2014 organised story-telling field trips to rural areas to promote reading habit among rural students and their parents.

Taking care of the homeless and helpless elderly

“Since I was very young, my mother kept telling me to be respectful to the elderly, especially those who were helpless."

40 students, 39 families benefit from Yayasan Sin Chew's aid

“A person wins the respect of people not because of his or her wealth or social status, but kindness and benevolence.”

A 'house' for homeless Abu

To Philip Wong, an art creation that also helps a needy person is itself more than a piece of artwork.


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