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Zakir Naik has overstayed his welcome

For decades, extremists and nationalists have used Malay and Muslim sentiments to instill fear in the population. Now foreigners have joined the fray.

Merdeka: are we doing enough?

As Merdeka day approaches, perhaps we should reflect on whether we have done enough for this nation, or are still weighing out the differences among us.

Race: the on-going Malaysian dilemma

Acknowledging that racial division is a serious problem and making a committed effort together to manage the issue will be the only viable solution.

PM on Zakir: Let the police investigate first

Mahathir says he will leave it to the police to investigate first before deciding the next course of action on Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik, more than just a fugitive

Zakir is more than just a wanted fugitive, he is also a religious extremist and ideological terrorist. Arresting him and throwing him out of this country is our only choice now.

Blogger: Zakir is 'parasite'

Blogger Syed Azidi Aziz says Zakir Naik has contributed nothing to the country's development and it is more apt to call him a “parasite”.

Perlis mufti urges exclusion of Zakir and family from event

Perlis mufti urges the organizers to exclude Zakir Naik and his family from Malaysia Reverts Camp activities so that they will not “be disturbed by issues raised by irresponsible quarters".

Zakir's PR status under review?

Singapore's The Straits Times reports quoting an anonymous government source that the cabinet will review Zakir Naik's PR status, but there's no mention of his deportation.

Zakir barred from speaking in Perlis: state police chief

Perlis police chief has banned the public speeches by Zakir Naik to be held at the Kuala Perlis Floating Mosque from today.

Police to probe Zakir

CID director Huzir Mohamed says the police will investigate Zakir Naik under Section 504 of the Penal Code.


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