My Sinchew/ Zakir

So, who undermines our racial harmony now?

It has become very obvious here that it is politics, not any religion, that has crippled our social stability.

A foreigner who has stirred up political chaos in Malaysia

The government must revoke Zakir’s permanent residency and expel him to prevent racial and religious harmony from being damaged.

Ramasamy, Satees give their statements

Bukit Aman inspectors arrived at the office of P Ramasamy at Komtar to record the statements of him and Satees Muniandy over a report lodged by Zakir Naik.

We thought they were not the same

Going all out for votes and power. Now I can see they are really not the same!

Police must act fairly to all

In this month's spirit of Merdeka, both rallies must be stopped. The police must not practice double standard in favor of one race over the other.

The political limits of the Office of the Mufti of Perlis

It is inappropriate for a serving mufti to give opinions freely about the political management of this country and pass sweeping negative judgments.

Urgently needed: a drastic cabinet shake-up

We can't tell whether Anwar is one we can fully trust, but at least he deserves a chance to prove that he is different.

PM: Zakir won't be deported for the time being

Mahathir says the government will not send back Zakir Naik for the time being.

Zakir to give police statement this afternoon

Zakir Naik will appear at Bukit Aman at 15:00 to give his statement over a report he earlier lodged against five individuals, including human resources minister M Kulasegaran.

Inclusivity the core value in nation-building

In no way should our prosperity, result of the hard work of all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion, be destroyed in the hands of one single man.


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