My Sinchew/ Jawi

Falling off the pedestal

Under the prevailing racist undertone, even if DAP is becoming more liberal, it will never win the favor of the Malay community but may lose its fundamental Chinese support instead.

Once the floodgates are opened...

Any inappropriate change introduced to our education system will have far-fetching effects on one whole generation, or probably even a few more generations.

Dong Jiao Zong: No to Jawi

Dong Jiao Zong and ten Chinese and Tamil education organizations in the country reject the inclusion of Jawi calligraphy in BM curriculum for vernacular schools.

DAP leaders to discuss Jawi issue tonight

DAP central leaders will meet tonight on the teaching of Jawi calligraphy in vernacular schools. An official party stand is expected tonight.

Jawi calligraphy not making Chinese identity any less

We need not worry or feel fearful that the Chinese culture and religion will be threatened by the education ministry's move.

Mahathir supports Jawi in schools

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad holds the view that the policy of implementing Jawi calligraphy lessons in national vernacular primary schools for year four pupils should proceed

PAS Youth urges action against signatories of joint statement

PAS education bureau chief Muhtar Suhaili urges the authorities to take action against the signatories of a joint statement against Jawi.

DAP reps withdraw from joint statement

Jelapang state assemblyman Cheah Poh Hian (L) and Keranji state assemblyman Chong Zhemin announce their withdrawal from the joint statement against the inclusion of Jawi in BM textbooks.

Dongjiaozong rally against Jawi next Monday

Dong Jiao Zong will be holding a rally at its headquarters next Monday to protest the government's plan to incorporate Jawi into BM textbooks.

Teo on Jawi: wait for announcement

Deputy education minster Teo Nie Ching on Jawi in BM textbooks: Still at consultation stage. Wait for announcement.


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