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Celebrating 200 years of Chinese education

By celebrating 200 years of Chinese education in Malaysia, we are reminding the government of the enormous contribution of our vernacular education systems to the cultural wealth of our society.

PM: it's for police to decide whether to ban Dong Zong

Mahathir says he will leave it to the police to decide whether to ban Dong Zong for inciting the public.

Unresponsive to public rage

The boos, banners and pelted eggs have not been there for no reason; the people's frustration and feedback have been largely ignored or treated with disdain.

Opponents to Jawi are terrorists: Perlis mufti

Perlis mufti Mohd Asri says Malaysians must be united to fight “extremists” who reject Seni Khat at vernacular schools.

My fantasies of educational sovereignty

The state DAP chief promised us to take the voice of local Chinese community into the federal cabinet and have the Jawi case handled separately for Sarawak.

Mufti: Jawi has nothing to do with Islam

Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin says Jawi is a language script inherited by the Malays and has nothing to do with any religion.

Explicit instruction needed, says headmaster

A school headmaster says it is necessary for the education ministry to give a more explicit instruction on the teaching of Khat at schools.

Foolishness and obstinacy

Such a foolish “solution” for a foolish policy that must still be carried out despite all the foolishness.

DJZ: govt must withdraw Seni Khat

Dong Jiao Zong: Maszlee's latest announcement on Khat has not fundamentally resolved the problem nor allayed the fears of the country's multiracial communities.

LGE: Seni Khat is not examination subject

“A decision was made yesterday that it will not be a compulsory subject and is not examinable. It is hoped that this will help us move on."


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