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Friday declared as Use Jawi Day: Mujahid

Friday has been declared as a ‘Use Jawi Writing Day’ as an effort to empower the writing,” said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Mujahid Yusof.

We thought they were not the same

Going all out for votes and power. Now I can see they are really not the same!

Confessions of a ‘bodoh sombong’ parent

With due respect to the young minister, we know our responsibility to our children. We, the parents, are proudly ‘bodoh sombong’ about that.

The political limits of the Office of the Mufti of Perlis

It is inappropriate for a serving mufti to give opinions freely about the political management of this country and pass sweeping negative judgments.

Urgently needed: a drastic cabinet shake-up

We can't tell whether Anwar is one we can fully trust, but at least he deserves a chance to prove that he is different.

Re-look into national unity in the run-up to Merdeka

Lack of interactions, tolerance and mutual trust might explain the phenomenon of entrenched racial prejudices in this country.

Derogatory name calling not of Islam

In Islam, derogatory name calling is a sin and frowned upon by the Prophet Muhammad.

Wear tanjak to resist discrimination?

A group of social activists have called on the public to put on the Malay warrior hats on September 16 against politicians who manipulate the racial discrimination issue.

If we can do it, so can you

If we can put in so much effort for a more tolerant, liberal and moderate Malaysia, sure enough our minister can do the same.

Merdeka: are we doing enough?

As Merdeka day approaches, perhaps we should reflect on whether we have done enough for this nation, or are still weighing out the differences among us.


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