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Malaysia, in the eyes of foreigners

Foreigners have no idea why many remain loyal to the ruling party despite all the scandals and irregularities.

Robert Kuok bashing: another reason 'unveiled'?

MCA's attacks on Nazri are just a ploy to show or prove that it dares to stand up against not only Nazri but also Umno in defending the Chinese community.

Is BN ready for the election?

Umno leaders began to lose their ways after GE13, deepening the distrust among BN's component parties. Leg-pulling is possible if things get out of hand.

Who's next?

Racial politics must go so that the country's prosperity could be sustained. And this is absolutely uncompromising!

DAP did nothing when Chinese were humiliated: Chong

"They choose to keep mum when the Chinese are humiliated."

Umno rep: Don't be nice to MCA

"I hope the prime minister will not waste the cabinet positions on them if MCA cannot keep their seats in election... Actually these seats were won through Malay votes."

MCA can't represent Chinese Malaysians: Nazri

"Look at Penang where Chinese are the majority. DAP is the ruling party there and so I said DAP represents the Chinese community because I respect election results."

Robert Kuok is a patriot: Nazir

"I may not agree with all his views but he is a patriot, the icon of Malaysian business and a first class gentleman."

Nazri has humiliated all Chinese Malaysians: Chong

Chong Sin Woon says the vulgar words used by Nazri have made people feel he was not just insulting Robert Kuok but the whole Chinese community.

RPK and Nazri

A lawyer by training, Nazri shouldn't have been so ignorant of the reality that RPK's stories were no more than a concoction of wild fantasies and his own agendas.


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