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Anwar urges Malaysians to support Mahathir

Anwar urges Malaysians to fully support Tun Mahathir so that the latter can restore the corrupted national institution.

A 50:50 race

The voter sentiment takes a slow course to develop to what it is today, beginning from the provisional deregistration of PPBM on the eve of parliament dissolution.

Caretaker MB: BN not implementing hudud in Terengganu

The caretaker Terengganu MB says his speech has been distorted by the media.

Chaotic postal voting

It is not the first time the EC is facing such a challenge. It gives the public an impression the EC does not really value postal votes.

Mud-slinging, sabotage as Malaysia gears up for polls

Vicious mud-slinging, allegations of voter fraud and sabotage have marred a hard-fought campaign for Malaysian elections on Wednesday, in which scandal-plagued Prime Minister Najib Razak will take on a heavyweight ex-leader.

Prabakaran gets PH endorsement in Batu

22-year-old law student P. Prabakaran gets the endorsement of Pakatan Harapan to contest the Batu parliamentary seat.

High Court dismisses Tian Chua's suit against EC

The High Court dismisses the suit by Tian Chua against the EC for disqualifying him to contest in GE14, ruling that it has no jurisdiction to hear the matter.

Bersih alleges flaws in voter lists

Malaysian electoral watchdogs said Friday there were major discrepancies in voter lists, including some two million people registered without addresses, warning the flaws could help the scandal-hit government at polls next week.

High Court to decide Friday on Tian Chua's disqualification

The High Court will decide tomorrow on a preliminary objection by the Election Commission (EC) to an originating summons filed by PKR vice-president Tian Chua for not allowing his nomination to contest the Batu parliamentary seat in the 14th General Election (GE14).

Wan Azizah: Rakyat tsunami

Wan Azizah says what she sees today is a “Rakyat Tsunami”, not just “Malay Tsunami”.


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