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Umno gearing up for election war

From the various signs released during this year's assembly, it is obvious Umno is off to the battle mode.

Najib puts Umno on war footing before polls

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak put his party on a war footing Thursday as polls loom, vowing to "fight till the end" despite a massive financial scandal that has rocked his government.

An unusually busy year-end season

What if the government has done its best and still fails to fill the shortfall?

Mahathir PH's choice of interim PM

Mahathir and Kak Wan will be interim PM and DPM if Pakatan Harapan wins the next GE.

Zahid fails to meet Mahathir over PH registration

Ahmad Zahid was unable to meet Pakatan Harapan leaders because he was having a meeting with the prime minister.

Limited options left for election date

Having missed the golden opportunities to call an election after the Sarawak and by-election wins, and the euphoria from the 60th Merdeka anniversary and vastly successful SEA Games, the election date guessing game is no more a fun thing to do.

Unpredictabilities in Umno's calculations

Money and power will only have shortlived effects, and the long-term strategy is still to win over the hearts of voters through honoring the pledges made.

Illusion versus reality

Last weekend's rally should serve as a timely wake-up call for Pakatan Harapan that they cannot afford to keep living in their illusion.

Annuar: Umno, PAS will cooperate

The Umno information chief also says his party's real rival is DAP, "as it has different DNA".

EC could help more East Malaysians and others to vote

No one should be penalized by having to incur unnecessary air travel costs just to exercise his or her duty to vote.


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