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Maszlee's dream

Be it the previous BN government's “1Malaysia” or the current administration's “New Malaysia”, they are all very much racist in nature with non-Malay leaders having hardly any say in government policies

Syed Saddiq to Ronnie Liu: apologise within a week or...

Syed Saddiq has given Ronnie Liu a week to apologise over the remark PH could form a government without PPBM, or DAP leaders should take action against him.

Zainal Kling summoned to give police statement

Malay Dignity Congress secretariat chief Zainal Kling has been summoned by the police to give his statement on Friday.

Liu says will defend his freedom of speech

Ronnie Liu speaks of education minister Maszlee Malik: He is just nobody. I don't have to bother about him.

Lack of transparency and closed tenders are a conduit for corruption

Lack of transparency and closed tenders are a conduit for corruption.

Between being Malaysian and being Chinese

It is utterly essential for us to institute the right education to uplift our people and learn to become upstanding and prideful Malaysians.

Reinventing Malaysia is deconstructing Malaysia

Reinventing Malaysia means deconstructing old ideas of Malaysia without harming the social contract, and sticking to everything in the manifesto.

A Malay student with a strong passion for TCM and Chinese culture

Mustika vows to promote the priceless legacy of TCM to all people irrespective of race so that more people will benefit from it.

PH administration may not survive a full term?

The PH government is facing a possible eventuality of collapse, and may not last until the end of a full term.

Clamping down on cross-border smuggling

With new evidences collected by MACC and the positive response from the IGP, it shows that the issue of cross-border smuggling and corruption has finally received serious attention from the authorities.


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