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Deconstructing Mahathir's racist rage against Dong Zong

Deconstructing Mahathir's racist rage against Dong Zong

Defending Chinese education is not racism

It is not wrong, less so racist, to defend Chinese education. We must revert to rationality and handle this and other issues sensibly. Name-calling and unjustified accusations will not take us anywhere.

No one is above the law

Zakir must be handed back to the Indian authorities in view of the excellent ties between our two countries as well as the spirit of rule of law.

Zakir, Dong Zong, and racism

But, it is definitely racism for a person to force his own language and culture onto other people in an interventive and assaultive manner, and call those reluctant to submit to them "racists".

MP: time for Mahathir to step down

PKR's MP for Pasir Gudang Hassan Abdul Karim says it is now time for Mahathir to step down as PM in order to save the Pakatan Harapan government.

Liu: Mahathir unstoppable in the absence of Karpal Singh

"There is no one like Karpal Singh in Pakatan today such that Mahathir can do anything he wants."

PM: it's for police to decide whether to ban Dong Zong

Mahathir says he will leave it to the police to decide whether to ban Dong Zong for inciting the public.

Mahathir supports Jawi in schools

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad holds the view that the policy of implementing Jawi calligraphy lessons in national vernacular primary schools for year four pupils should proceed

With no suitable heir in sight, Mahathir keeps himself in office

There's no way a fragmented and debilitated PKR can take over Mahathir's place, be it Anwar or Azmin. Before a new successor is found, Mahathir will have to keep himself continually in office.

Ammo to the enemy

The IGP said the sex video scandal was a waste of police resources and time. Indeed the same is true for PH and PKR. This whole thing must be put to a stop immediately.


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