My Sinchew/ Mahathir

Malaysia's de facto finance minister

By taking control of GLCs and statutory institutions, PPBM is also spreading its tentacles deep into the Malay society economics.

Which legacy will Mahathir leave for Malaysians?

In the new back-door government, both Mahathir and Malaysians are the real losers.

Power transition in 3 years?

With the compromise from all PH components, the most likely handover time will be three years or probably longer, giving PPBM enough time to expand its political influences.

Liu: I never said I wanted PPBM or Mahathir out

Ronnie Liu emphasizes that he has never said he wanted PPBM to leave the Pakatan Harapan coalition or demanded Tun Mahathir's resignation.

Mahathir: Nothing wrong to attend dignity congress

Tun Mahathir reiterates there is nothing wrong for him to attend the Malay Dignity Congress held earlier this month.

DAP, the victim of his own

DAP's “success” has stemmed from an exchange of interests with Mahathir, but the party is now forced to pay a hefty price for its arrogance and power hunger that come with that success.

Something is rotten in the state of Malaysia

In the Malaysian version of "Hamlet", if Anwar is Prince Hamlet, then Mahathir must have been the King, and Hisham, who else but Polonius!

Mahathir's dilemma: Whither Malaysia?

“We can build our dignity with our achievements in all fields, otherwise there will be another ten dignity conferences and nothing will change.”

Mahathir at UNGA

He looked a lot more frail than in those years, and the attention he managed to draw was a fraction of what he did in the past.

Mahathir to the aid of Umno-PAS?

If the PH government adopts and implements Tun Mahathir's racist discourse, the country will be plunged deeper and deeper into the valley of despair.


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