My Sinchew/ Mahathir

PH's precarious position

Pakatan Harapan is not just plagued by endless internal conflicts, there are intrinsic problems with each of the component parties.

An alliance in disunity

A disunited alliance without a common goal will be no match for Umno-PAS.

Voter betrayal will backfire

The despicable acts of trying to keep the regime continuously in power against the will of voters by way of a backdoor government in betrayal of public mandate will most positively backfire.

Azmin's late night meeting and 'Save Mahathir' operation

With PPBM now losing more than 15k votes in Tanjung Piai, a call to get Mahathir to step down has come more than justifiable.

Azmin and Umno meeting: What's the prawn behind the stone?

Pakatan Harapan is a coalition of several well written promises, including the Manifesto, agreement on basic governance philosophy, power transition, and most important of all, not to work with PAS nor Umno.

I'll attend PKR meeting if free, says Azmin

Azmin says he will attend tomorrow night's PKR political bureau meeting if he has the time.

Azmin: Just a normal meeting

PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali said the meeting with opposition Members of Parliament at his residence in Putrajaya last night was just a normal meeting and there was nothing unusual about it.

PM: I don't know what they discussed...

Tun Mahathir says he is aware of the meeting between some 20 Umno MPs and economic affairs minster Azmin Ali last night, but has no idea what they were discussing.

Who is 'deep state'? Ask Mahathir

“Deep state” could be nothing more than an illusory proposition concocted to sum up every unsettled problem and yet-to-materialise political calamity.

Tanjung Piai: a dilemma for PH?

Many believe that the handover of power to Anwar Ibrahim will be expedited if PPBM's dominance is shattered following the defeat of its candidate in Tanjung Piai.


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