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IS blasts kill more than 150 as US, Russia press Syria truce

A string of suicide bombings near a Shiite shrine outside Syria's capital and in Homs claimed by jihadists killed more than 150 people Sunday, as Washington and Moscow worked to secure a ceasefire.

IS posts Internet pictures of Egypt 'spy' beheadings

The Egyptian branch of the Islamic State group has posted pictures online of what it says was the execution of two men caught spying for the army in the Sinai.

CIA director: IS group has used, can make chem weapons

CIA director John Brennan has said that Islamic State fighters have used chemical weapons and have the capability to make small quantities of chlorine and mustard gas, CBS News reported Thursday.

Saudi envoy lauds Malaysia's success in combating terrorism

The authorities' recent success in detaining terror suspects and Daesh supporters, received praise from Saudi Arabian envoy Fahad Abdullah Al-Rashid, who felt that in this regard Malaysia could somewhat contribute towards the Saudi Arabia-led alliance of 34 Muslim nations in combating terrorism.

Twitter blocks 125,000 accounts in 'terrorist content' crackdown

Twitter said Friday it suspended more than 125,000 accounts, most of them linked to the Islamic State group, as part of increased efforts to eradicate "terrorist content" on the popular messaging platform.

IS declaring war on Bukit Aman

The owner of Facebook account "Putra Isramy Al Nino" wrote that IS fighters were prepared to blow up Bukit Aman, specifying that the Malaysian police were their target.

Australia raids homes of doctor in IS video

Police have raided two Melbourne homes in counter-terrorism operations, with reports Friday linking them to an Australian man who appeared in a slick Islamic State propaganda video last year.

De-radicalization for a safer world

If the government is serious about de-radicalization, it must adhere to the way of moderation to curtail the advances of religious radicalism so that no more young Malaysians will fall victim to the IS group.

Daesh terrorists not driven by religious ideology: Nur Jazlan

Daesh terrorists are not driven by Islamic ideology and are criminals, said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamad.

IS planning attacks on Malaysian targets: police

IS members in Malaysia have been taking instructions from Indonesian Bahrun Naim, leader of Katibah Nusantara, an IS cell comprising Indonesians and Malaysians.


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