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The nature of PAS-Umno alliance and what to expect from PH

The marriage between PAS and Umno is a marriage of convenience, just to defeat the PH government in GE15.

A rooster trying to cross the road

Any attempt to exert the slightest pressure on Mahathir will most positively backfire.

PH at a crossroads

The PH government is now at a crossroads. Whether it eventually manages to change the country's destiny or repeats the same mistakes of the previous BN administration will very much depend on the wisdom of its leaders.

PH government should lead by example

Instead of just telling the Chinese to embrace the Bangsa Malaysia identity, DAP should tell the same to everyone else in this country in advancing the party's Malaysians' Malaysia vision!

Malay nationalism, on the eve of Merdeka

And since Malay nationalism is the chief culprit in dividing Malaysians, the only solution is to advocate the common ideology of pluralism and pan-Malaysian nationalism so that all citizens irrespective of race and religion are entitled to equal status, for the country's independence to be truly meaningful.

We thought they were not the same

Going all out for votes and power. Now I can see they are really not the same!

Mahathir dismisses Zahid's allegation

Mahathir rebuts Zahid's allegation that Pakatan Harapan will collapse as a result of internal conflicts and that the PM is fighting on his own.

Urgently needed: a drastic cabinet shake-up

We can't tell whether Anwar is one we can fully trust, but at least he deserves a chance to prove that he is different.

Finally, Amanah for Anwar

Despite the fact Mahathir has all the powers in his hands, PKR and DAP with their combined strength of 92 seats still have the biggest say. Even the most indecisive party should know which side to stand on.

MP: time for Mahathir to step down

PKR's MP for Pasir Gudang Hassan Abdul Karim says it is now time for Mahathir to step down as PM in order to save the Pakatan Harapan government.


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