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1MDB witnesses fear for their safety: FBI

FBI says potential witnesses in the 1MDB case have expressed fear for their own safety if they were to speak with the investigators.

Najib to visit White House

US President Donald Trump has invited Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to Washington, officials said Thursday, despite a Justice Department investigation into a major corruption scandal that has ensnared the leader.

High Court dismisses Rafiizi's appeal against jail sentence

The High Court dismisses Rafizi Ramli's appeal and maintains his 18-month jail sentence for leaking 1MDB audit report.

What kind of country are we after?

What kind of country are we after? Is it one that looks great from outside, or one that is forward-looking and globally competitive?

1MDB misses IPIC payment

Malaysia's scandal-hit state investment fund 1MDB has missed a payment to Abu Dhabi of over $600 million that it was supposed to make by the end of July to settle debts, the emirate's sovereign wealth fund said.

Lost opportunity

Time is running out fast for Najib, and the options he has are getting very limited now.

Former PM the most useless: Najib

"Those who want the government to fall because of 1MDB are useless people. And the former PM is the most useless!"

Political lethargy

If Pakatan is not even courageous enough to take the lead to change, how do we expect it to change this country?

The Scandal King

Mahathir's "political legacy" has done immeasurable damage to this country.

Will MO1's wife turn in jewelry?

With DiCaprio and Kerr having turned in their 1MDB-linked assets to the DOJ, Lim Kit Siang asks whether "the wife of MO1" will do the same.


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