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RON95 price to go up 1 to 2 sen weekly to match market price

The price of RON95 will increase gradually from next January by one to two sen a week to eventually match the market price.

Taiwanese-Canadian model Godfrey Gao dies while filming in China

Taiwanese-Canadian actor and supermodel Godfrey Gao, the first Asian to be the face of Louis Vuitton, died while filming a TV show in China on Wednesday.

Semangat Hari Kesyukuran

By Ambassador Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir and the American-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce

Last week in Penang, as the American Ambassador I had the honor of helping launch Malaysia’s second “Signing Starbucks” -- a franchise of the iconic American brand that is optimized to serve customers, baristas and managers from the deaf and hard of hearing community.

This initiative began in Malaysia in 2016, when the company opened the world’s first Signing Starbucks in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysian staff members have now helped launch signing stores in Washington and Guangzhou, China.

Universal values know no borders

The essence of speech freedom is not confined to the right of expressing oneself, but also our respect for the rights of individuals sharing the same living space, country, or planet with us.

Even in death, Chin Peng still stirs strong emotions

They say that if you want to destroy a nation, you mess around with the children's education. In Malaysia, we tinker with our history and leave out important bits, so that our children are ignorant about our past.

At Instagram hotspot, LOLs trump likes

Crammed into a supermarket trolley, Kiki Malliora squealed with laughter as she rolled past her sister at Cologne's pop-up selfie museum, where visitors said having fun outweighs the hunt for "likes" in a changing social media landscape.

He wants work, not sympathy

Physically challenged Melaka car foreman by the name of Pak Busu does not yearn for your sympathy. He only hopes that you will send in your car for him to repair so that he can make a living with his own skill.

An alliance in disunity

A disunited alliance without a common goal will be no match for Umno-PAS.

Australian police to probe 'Chinese spy' claims

Australian police will open a formal investigation into explosive claims by a self-styled Chinese spy who defected Down Under with an apparent trove of sensitive intelligence, an official told AFP Tuesday.

Hong Kong leader offers mea culpa, but no concessions

Carrie Lam acknowledges that public dissatisfaction with her government has fuelled a landslide win by pro-democracy candidates in district council elections, but offers no new concessions to resolve months of violent protests.


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