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'The end': Poverty bites in remote Egyptian village

The name of the remote Egyptian village Al-Nehaya sounds much like the Arabic word for "the end", which is sadly fitting given the grinding poverty endured by most of its people.

In the Atlantic's far south, cameras reveal biodiversity gem

From the ship's deck, there nothing to see but deep blue water, not the remotest sign of a marine paradise that lies just a few metres (feet) below the waves.

Stop and think! How did Zahid amass his enormous fortune?

Stop and think! How did Ahmad Zahid Hamidi amass his enormous fortune?

Actions needed to stop public fund wastage

As usual, the AG's report made a number of recommendations to tackle the identified weaknesses, but sadly there have been scarcely any follow-up actions from the government.

Scientists search the wild for food plant genes

Scientists have been on a global search for the wild relatives of our food crops, hoping to bolster their defences against disease and climate change, a study showed Tuesday.

Hot weather linked to rise in early childbirth: study

Hot weather can cause a spike in the number of babies being born early, a phenomenon that may harm infant health and is likely to get worse as temperatures climb due to climate change, scientists said.

PKR reconciliation meeting tomorrow evening?

PKR will hold the much awaited “reconciliation meeting” tomorrow.

The multiracial 3-man team that runs Malaysia's successful milk company

Loi Tuan Ee and Azmi Zainal are much more than business partners or friends. They are almost like brothers.

Najib takes stand in 1MDB trial

Former Malaysian leader Najib Razak took the stand to defend his conduct in the 1MDB scandal Tuesday, as the first of several trials linked to the multi-billion-dollar fraud entered a crucial stage.

Two injured after smoke grenade explodes in Jakarta

Two Indonesian soldiers were injured Tuesday after a smoke grenade detonated near Jakarta's national monument, but authorities ruled out an attack.


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