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The chicken game

On the surface, both sides have taken a step back, but in reality Azmin has yielded in the game, abandoning the parallel congress in hope of averting a head-on crash.

RON97 down 2 sen

RON97 will be cheaper by two sen at RM2.62 per litre, while RON95 and diesel remain at RM2.08 and RM2.18 per litre respectively.

Six months of sacrifice: Hong Kong's protesters take stock

Some of them have lost their jobs, suffered life-changing injuries and even fled overseas. But six months into Hong Kong's demonstrations, pro-democracy protesters say they aren't backing down.

Sydney smoke crisis 'longest on record'

Australian bushfires have caused unprecedented pollution in Sydney and along the country's east coast, officials said Thursday, with smoke and dust burning residents' eyes and prompting a spike in respiratory complaints.

Hotter, faster, pricier: 10 records in 2019

The hottest month, the fastest marathon, the wildest auction prices... here is a look back at 10 new records in 2019.

Typhoon Kammuri death toll hits 13 in Philippines

The number of people killed by Typhoon Kammuri's pounding of the Philippines this week has hit 13, officials said Thursday, as authorities confirmed reports of storm-related deaths.

Who's Muafakat Nasional's choice for PM?

Who's Muafakat Nasional's choice for PM?

Banish the politicians

This country will be very much more peaceful if we banish all those rogue politicians to an uninhabited island far from human civilisation.

Thin skin: Japan firm develops ultra-fine spray-on facemask

A Japanese cosmetics company Wednesday unveiled what it said was the world's first spray-on skin, a moisturising facemask made of fibres one-100th the thickness of a human hair.

Paris ballet's foreign legion reaches for the stars

Watching YouTube as a child in Australia, the idea of one day joining the ranks of the hallowed Paris Opera Ballet seemed nothing short of an impossible dream.


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