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Maszlee: Developing future-proof graduates

"This is not the era of traditional degrees and qualifications. This is the era of flexible education and agile governance. It is the era of research and innovation and talent planning."

Something is rotten in the state of Malaysia

In the Malaysian version of "Hamlet", if Anwar is Prince Hamlet, then Mahathir must have been the King, and Hisham, who else but Polonius!

Moderation our only way out

Moderation is the only way out for this nation. The earlier we come to recognise this, the earlier we will deliver ourselves out of the current imbroglio.

The lost dignity of universities and academia

The incident places shame and total lack of dignity not on the solitary student, but on the whole reputation of our public universities and academia.

Mahathir's dilemma: Whither Malaysia?

“We can build our dignity with our achievements in all fields, otherwise there will be another ten dignity conferences and nothing will change.”

The Chinese dilemma

Talking about dilemma, Chinese Malaysians have nothing less of it than the Malays ever since the dawn of nationhood.

Not a man of honour

The ultimate purpose of a university is not to churn out human resources to meet industrial needs, but to bring positive changes in mindset and values to our society, inspire respectable and dignified changes, and not to submit itself to political needs.

Mahathir's community IQ perspective

On the one hand Mahathir keeps reminding the Malays they are lazy, on the other hand he introduces patronage measures that will only erode the competitiveness of Malays more.

The distorted housing market structure

The government should focus on the supply of affordable homes in a bid to stabilise market prices, instead of helping developers clear their unsold high-end property stock.

Inspiration from two young men

Abdul Rahim has left an indelible blemish in UM's history, as he has shamed both the university and his country.


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