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Current Japan-North Korea Relations

Current Japan-North Korea relations are even more serious. In an exclusive interview with the Sankei, Japan’s most conservative newspaper, on May 1, Prime Minister Abe said he was eager to meet Chairman Kim without conditions. This marked a major policy shift for Abe, who strongly asserted, “We must hold talks that contribute to resolving the abduction issue.”

Malaysian Dignity and Punishing Pakatan

Make no mistake, the Tanjong Piai by-election is a severe punishment to Pakatan. BN and MCA can rejoice and milk this win, but to Malaysians, it was a severe message to Pakatan…don’t mess with our dignity.

Tanjung Piai, the burial ground for defeated elephant

Whichever side that loses will likely remain down and out for a long time to come, and Tanjung Piai could as well be the burial ground for the defeated.

Please follow the advice of our royal Rulers or self destroy ourselves

Thus we as patriotic Malaysians, should stoutly rally around our royal Rulers and all our supportive and caring political leaders , to build more mutual respect and love for each other .

Can sustainable development and economic growth work together for Malaysia?

Sustainable economic growth means a rate of growth, which can be maintained without creating other significant economic problems, especially for future generations. But the reality tells us that there is clearly a trade-off between economic growth today, and growth in the future.

Things UMNO PAS Ought To Do To Win GE15

This both parties know and according to some political observers they are now working towards getting non Malay parties to join them .However if the non Malay parties would be accorded equal status is another question .

BN is like an abusive husband. Would you return to him?

Punishing PH, by voting for the BN candidate, would be the wrong move for many reasons.

The Political Mess in Tanjung Piai

But, the MCA leadership is the one showing very little for it to be considered a party with strong principles and integrity to lead Malaysia. Goodbye, MCA.

Stupidity in Tanjung Piai

Your cleverness may keep you alive today, but wisdom will take you much further from here!

Bike-hailing: road safety must be prioritised

The operators must be regulated while the safety and welfare of the riders must be guaranteed and passenger safety put above profitability.


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