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Jho Low roams free, while Najib delays trial

Najib must envy Jho Low's freedom, and will use every opportunity to postpone his conviction.

Tanjung Piai: a dilemma for PH?

Many believe that the handover of power to Anwar Ibrahim will be expedited if PPBM's dominance is shattered following the defeat of its candidate in Tanjung Piai.

With friends like these...

PAS' support for MCA is putting MCA in a spot in the eyes of the Chinese.

Catch me if you can: Jho Low must be nabbed with international collaboration

If Osama and Baghdadi could not get away, there is no way Jho Low can escape the fullest brunt of the law. The IGP just has to activate an international team of tenacious investigators to work in a transboundary context.

My thoughts on free school breakfast

The ministry can encourage more students to participate in this programme through propaganda and incentives. A compulsory programme forced through without proper planning and management will only end in failure.

Dignity Congress: a matter of dignity, right or survival?

Any interpretation on the Malay Dignity Congress is still bound by the Rukun Negara and the Federal Constitution which will ensure the rights of all citizens of this country.

Let's host the Santiago APEC summit in Kuala Lumpur now

Let's host the Santiago APEC summit in Kuala Lumpur now.

Poaching animals, a sure way to accelerate extinction

Greed, lust and unending desires of man will soon empty the world with none living, growing or multiplying.

Malaysia's de facto finance minister

By taking control of GLCs and statutory institutions, PPBM is also spreading its tentacles deep into the Malay society economics.

The benchmarking significance of Tanjung Piai by-election

Tanjung Piai will be a very important indicator whether the Chinese community will give MCA a second chance having experienced many hostile policies from PH.


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