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Malaysia needs sustainable growth

Sustainability must be the key focus driver in everything that we carry out in the name of development, and equal attention must be given to People, Planet and Profit.

Azmin's late night meeting and 'Save Mahathir' operation

With PPBM now losing more than 15k votes in Tanjung Piai, a call to get Mahathir to step down has come more than justifiable.

Who will slay Malaysia's three-headed monster?

Malaysians voted PH in GE14 to clean up Umno-type practices, not indulge in them.

Azmin and Umno meeting: What's the prawn behind the stone?

Pakatan Harapan is a coalition of several well written promises, including the Manifesto, agreement on basic governance philosophy, power transition, and most important of all, not to work with PAS nor Umno.

PH is waiting for its Doomsday

The PH coalition must throw in some drastic changes now instead of passively waiting for its own Judgement Day to come.

Wake-up call

Can Tanjung Piai reawaken a government in deep sleep, and open the eyes of PPBM and DAP?

Is Muafakat Nasional the new Barisan Nasional ?

Political analyst Dr Sivamurugan Pandian tells me it is a political ideology platform “to start a new collaboration initiative with various platforms to strengthen BN and others including PAS”.

Current Japan-North Korea Relations

Current Japan-North Korea relations are even more serious. In an exclusive interview with the Sankei, Japan’s most conservative newspaper, on May 1, Prime Minister Abe said he was eager to meet Chairman Kim without conditions. This marked a major policy shift for Abe, who strongly asserted, “We must hold talks that contribute to resolving the abduction issue.”

Malaysian Dignity and Punishing Pakatan

Make no mistake, the Tanjong Piai by-election is a severe punishment to Pakatan. BN and MCA can rejoice and milk this win, but to Malaysians, it was a severe message to Pakatan…don’t mess with our dignity.

Tanjung Piai, the burial ground for defeated elephant

Whichever side that loses will likely remain down and out for a long time to come, and Tanjung Piai could as well be the burial ground for the defeated.


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