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An understanding heart

Conflicts and tension have been a consequence of undesirable emotions from a closed, angry, jealous and insincere heart.

Do not sow the seeds of hatred

Let’s not gamble with the future. It's not just the prosperity that matters to us, but the continuity of a nation based on understanding and tolerance as envisioned by our forefathers.

Malay nationalism, on the eve of Merdeka

And since Malay nationalism is the chief culprit in dividing Malaysians, the only solution is to advocate the common ideology of pluralism and pan-Malaysian nationalism so that all citizens irrespective of race and religion are entitled to equal status, for the country's independence to be truly meaningful.

We thought they were not the same

Going all out for votes and power. Now I can see they are really not the same!

Saya Malaysia, Kita Malaysia

"We deeply believe our resilience, creativity and success are the result of the contributions and interactions of our extraordinarily diverse population."

A meaningless Merdeka

This Merdeka is a meaningless Merdeka for the nation as it entrenches itself into old political mindsets.

KLIA's reputation put to test

Even though KLIA's operation was back to normal on Saturday, the damage has already been done!

The Sin Chew I know

From my perspective, many many things that Utusan did were completely un-Islamic but many many things Sin Chew has done merit a Muslim's praise.

How you can help reduce the stray dog problem

A pet is not just for birthdays, or Christmas, or for Valentine's Day. A pet is for life.

Malaysians' health should come before investments

Foreign investors stay away from Malaysia not because of Lynas but the corrupt bureaucracy, unpredictable government polices and narrow-mindedness of our administrators.


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