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Boycott? Stupid!

By taking their racist ethos to the market economy, all I can say is that it cannot be any more foolish than this.

Buy Malaysian first

Dividing ourselves along racial or religious lines and senseless boycotting will only hurt the country's economy, and ourselves.

Bridging the gap

Irresponsible politicians have destroyed this country, and the media have this duty of bridging the gap and removing the distrust between the communities.

PH government should lead by example

Instead of just telling the Chinese to embrace the Bangsa Malaysia identity, DAP should tell the same to everyone else in this country in advancing the party's Malaysians' Malaysia vision!

Boycott of non-Muslim products hurts Muslims most

Boycotting products simply because they have been made by a non-Muslim is an exercise in futility and will backfire. In fact, the boycott will hurt the Muslims more.

Thoughts on education and miracles of a sinking ship

Miracles in our education system will come with the right public support and leadership vision.

The shock of South Korea’s withdrawal from GSOMIA

Japan and South Korea must work to reverse the process of escalation from historical frictions to economic and security-related frictions.

Harapan strategists act as an early warning signal

Strategists are the early warning predictors.

Solidarity begins with the heart in multicultural Malaysia

The attitude of tolerance and accommodation should constitute the cornerstone of solidarity in this pluralistic country of ours. And all this begins with a genuine and sincere heart.

New Malaysia vis-à-vis Vision 2020

The spirit of independence can be lifted up when all Malaysians come together as one.


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