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We'll continue to tell the Malaysian Story

We will continue to tell the “Malaysian Story” till the last breath.

Khazanah: time to get back to basics

Khazanah and other government-linked investment entities such as KWSP, KWAP, LTAT and other sovereign pension funds should have a more different role to play.

Social Welfare Department should take initiative with the disabled

The Social Welfare Department should take the initiative with the disabled.

Power transition vs clash of ideologies

The differences between Mahathir and Anwar are more than just the love-hate relationship between the two men, but also the confrontation of their diverging political faiths.

The Umno-PAS symphony

The National Cooperation Charter between Umno and PAS today is nothing more than a clone of the 1970s, and should therefore not come as a big surprise to anyone.

Who started the political “show hand” model?

The choice is with BN. If it still upholds a “government for all” principle, it wouldn't have given itself to such aggressive agendas to rake in more power.

So, who undermines our racial harmony now?

It has become very obvious here that it is politics, not any religion, that has crippled our social stability.

A dialogue with young people

“Patriotism is not about where you are; it's about where your heart is."

The nature of PAS-Umno alliance and what to expect from PH

The marriage between PAS and Umno is a marriage of convenience, just to defeat the PH government in GE15.

A rooster trying to cross the road

Any attempt to exert the slightest pressure on Mahathir will most positively backfire.


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