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Johari denies presence of illegal factories in Sungai Petani

Newspaper reports about illegal waste recycling and environmental pollution in Sungai Petani have been written, but the problem continues.

Mahathir to the aid of Umno-PAS?

If the PH government adopts and implements Tun Mahathir's racist discourse, the country will be plunged deeper and deeper into the valley of despair.

Stop illegal logging

MACC's effort to smash illegal logging activities not only helps preserve the environment of this country, but also contributes positively towards the increasingly serious issue of climate change.

Rebuilding the People’s Malaysia

Malaysians must take care of the business themselves. Trusting political parties has brought much pain and dismay.

Budget 2020: what is to be expected

Many will expect Budget 2020 to give more priority to the poor in the interest of protecting the Budget integrity as well as social stability.

The significance of Sabah's recognition of UEC

After Sabah, the Malaysian Chinese community hopes that it will very soon hear the good news from the federal government.

Carpe Diem

We must make the most of the present for the sake of our future.

Press freedom not at the expense of news quality

Press freedom is not just about the quantity of information delivered, but the quality of information needs to be improved as well.

More media freedom but big challenges ahead under PH

The Malaysian media has been going through some positive developments, a year after Pakatan Harapan took over the federal administration.

Malaysia views: Good journalism no longer appeals to readers?

Good journalism has become increasingly unattractive to the audience under the powerful siege of bad journalism.


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