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Make TARUC a true people’s university

The PH government now has a negative balance sheet of trust, particularly in education. After the Jawi, incident, the matriculation issue and now the Kongres, how can we fault the voters for feeling betrayed?

Maszlee: Bringing Malaysia’s higher education system into global prominence

"When given the freedom to strive, universities must also work towards thriving globally."

Budget 2020: don't forget the M40 group

It is generally believed that the government will continue to help the B40 group, but that does not mean the M40 group should be neglected again this year.

The meaning of Malay dignity and the way forward

Malays can restore the dignity of the community, and they must stop expecting others to do it for them!

Is religion a brand?

Why has religion become so thorny a subject? Why has something supposedly positive become so negative?

Universities must not be reduced to vassals of race politics

Universities must not be reduced to vassals of race politics.

The case for abolition of the death penalty

The journey to abolition is sometimes long and difficult, but each step counts. The removal of the mandatory application of the death penalty in Malaysia would be a significant step along this road.

North Korea's SLBM test launch

On October 2, North Korea conducted a test launch of its new Pukguksong-3 submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), which landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

What has the Malay Dignity Congress achieved?

What has the Malay Dignity Congress achieved? Well, for one, it has succeeded in hurting the non-Malays. If it meant to cement Malay unity, it didn't manage to do that.

Who robbed our country?

The one and only country we have, our Malaysian Dream, has been robbed.


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