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Abe administration remains in power for longest time in Japan’s modern history; its future outlook

Abe administration remains in power for longest time in Japan’s modern history; its future outlook.

TARC our common legacy

Education is a long-term project for the well-being of our future generations. Instead of arguing endlessly over it, why not put our prejudices aside and join hands to develop UTAR/TAR UC?

Addressing the elite gap

PH would be well-served to take Diana Sharma’s sage advice as a means of avoiding our own early demise in GE15.

Backing down on GSOMIA’s abolishment: How should Japan deal with South Korea redefining the battle lines?

Despite South Korea declaring in August that it would abolish the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) with Japan, the South Korean government announced on November 22nd that the abolishment would be “postponed with conditions.”

Semangat Hari Kesyukuran

By Ambassador Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir and the American-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce

Last week in Penang, as the American Ambassador I had the honor of helping launch Malaysia’s second “Signing Starbucks” -- a franchise of the iconic American brand that is optimized to serve customers, baristas and managers from the deaf and hard of hearing community.

This initiative began in Malaysia in 2016, when the company opened the world’s first Signing Starbucks in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysian staff members have now helped launch signing stores in Washington and Guangzhou, China.

Universal values know no borders

The essence of speech freedom is not confined to the right of expressing oneself, but also our respect for the rights of individuals sharing the same living space, country, or planet with us.

Even in death, Chin Peng still stirs strong emotions

They say that if you want to destroy a nation, you mess around with the children's education. In Malaysia, we tinker with our history and leave out important bits, so that our children are ignorant about our past.

An alliance in disunity

A disunited alliance without a common goal will be no match for Umno-PAS.

Comprehensive sex education for our teenagers

Early sex education provides our teenagers a protective umbrella to help them grow healthily and minimise their chances of making grave mistakes during their growing years.

Voter betrayal will backfire

The despicable acts of trying to keep the regime continuously in power against the will of voters by way of a backdoor government in betrayal of public mandate will most positively backfire.


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