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The chicken game

On the surface, both sides have taken a step back, but in reality Azmin has yielded in the game, abandoning the parallel congress in hope of averting a head-on crash.

Who's Muafakat Nasional's choice for PM?

Who's Muafakat Nasional's choice for PM?

Banish the politicians

This country will be very much more peaceful if we banish all those rogue politicians to an uninhabited island far from human civilisation.

Stop and think! How did Zahid amass his enormous fortune?

Stop and think! How did Ahmad Zahid Hamidi amass his enormous fortune?

Actions needed to stop public fund wastage

As usual, the AG's report made a number of recommendations to tackle the identified weaknesses, but sadly there have been scarcely any follow-up actions from the government.

PH's precarious position

Pakatan Harapan is not just plagued by endless internal conflicts, there are intrinsic problems with each of the component parties.

Dealing with public service: striking the right balance

Muhyiddin recently admitted the civil service “has not yet fully warmed up to the Pakatan Harapan government” and has become accustomed to “a certain way of doing things”.

Is Amanah relevant any more?

Amanah has failed completely to be the challenger to PAS and Umno...Malaysians will not waste our votes on such an ineffective coalition partner.

Worry not the living but dead

Whom will a dead Chin Peng intimidate? And are his ashes bothering anyone at all?

Forgetting the flag is traitorous but desecrating dignity is not

We Malaysians honour the flag and symbols of our nation, but we honour the respect, mutual tolerance and acceptance of each other’s cultures and faith much much more.


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